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Self Care = Self Love

An opportunity to intentionally engage in a deep self-assessment and create a plan for self care in community. Spoiler: self care is actually self love. We will be naming different ways in which you can personally address eight areas of self love and which ones may be right for you. You will leave this workshop with a personalized plan for your own self care as self love. This workshop stems from the “burn-out” that is often difficult to avoid in white supremacy organizational culture (Tema Okun).

One of the most important ways in which we, living in an oppressive society, can dismantle the societal systems of oppression and thrive beyond only working to survive, is to take care of ourselves. In a world where the systems and people in power benefit off of us not taking care of ourselves, doing so is a revolutionary act. It's an act of rebellion through self love. This workshop addresses self care and self love in a deep, truthful and active way. This will be a decolonized and liberated space.



Strategic Planning

An opportunity for you to take active control over your own life path, work/career, learning investments, next steps and overall personal and/or community goals. In this workshop, you will be using reclaimed concepts of mission, vision, values, SWOT analysis, and strategic planning applied to your own artistic and/or activist paths. As an artist, arts manager, arts worker, activist, entrepreneur and/or beyond you will be offered various strategies for development to create your own strategic plan for yourself or your next big project. You will leave this workshop with a personalized plan to take forth into your life journey. This will be a decolonized and liberated space.



Transformative Justice & Creating Community Accountability

An opportunity to interactively learn about Restorative Justice, Transformative Justice, Community Accountability, Nonviolence, and Radical Self Love used to address and move forward from racism and oppression within yourself, your community, your workplace, and beyond. In this workshop, you will be introduced to non-punitive processes that address and prevent harm. We are talking through how to “hold” people accountable — focusing on the “holding” part of that. These are resources you can use in your arts and culture organizations, rehearsal processes, university classes, and more naming the transformative justice work of Black, Indigenous and people of color including Mirame Kaba, Shira Hassan, Mia Mingus & BATJC, Audre Lorde Project, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, SARSI, Theater Folks of Color, Kazu Haga & East Point Peace Academy, adrienne maree brown, and so many more. This will be a decolonized and liberated space.



Other Sessions & Services

Guided discussions, lectures, interviews, or consulting work for shared learning or anti-racist, anti-oppression arts & culture support for your community, students, faculty, staff, donors, or members. Let’s collaborate to create liberated spaces that uplift, heal & encourage us to change the world! Please connect below to tell us more about your project, number of participants, timeline & budget available.

Participant Feedback:


"This session has helped me hone in on my mission and goals and giving myself solid deadlines for achieving each goal. I'm so grateful to have worked through this in the environment I did and with the people surrounding me who have similar values. What a great place to share my project while also digging deep into how to move forward with it."


"This is a few weeks in now, so I've already taken several steps because I was so motivated from the workshop. I immediately started creating my own blueprint with tasks to achieve specific goals for my career and sideline career. I attended a workshop at the Actors Fund, I applied for a free training program with the NYC Parks dept. I reached out to colleagues to begin a mastermind group and set up an accountability partner. I called mentors and a coach to ask for advice in their areas of expertise. I finally started working on my vision boards."


"The specificity of the exercises allowed me to quickly, deeply access areas I needed to focus on and consider. I was able to identify areas where I was stuck, areas where I'm weak and areas of strength. I came out of it with a blueprint for actionable steps. It was the catalyst I needed!"


"The structured format with tight scheduling is ideal for me. As an artist, I lack structured work time. This reminded me of participating in a well managed corporate training session, but with an artistic lean. I love that we begin with boundaries as a part of the intros and set up the framework for inclusion and respecting others. I also love the supportive format of a group - sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences deepens my own participation and experience. I appreciate the specific handouts that I can use and continue to reference."


"I liked the meditation at the beginning of the workshop and the moments to let go during the workshop session itself. The information that stuck with me was the seeing the contrast between what I was doing now and what I wanted to add to my well-being..."


"Time was held gently, it felt like the "right" amount of content. I appreciated the time for self reflection balanced with time to share with others."


"I really appreciated that [they] gave space for us to think and answer. I didn't feel rushed or compelled to speak on a timeline."

“Speaking openly about my thoughts and feelings in the breakout room.”


“I liked the follow-up and accountability that was posed when filling out the sections of the worksheet. For example, when you talked about well-being in your home life, I was able to imagine a peaceful place and that is where I want to be in the near future.”





About the Founder

Yura Sapi / Viviana Vargas Salvatierra (they/elle) is a mixed race, Kichwa and white-mestiza, non-binary interdisciplinary artist, activist, arts manager, educator, facilitator, and founder of Advancing Arts Forward and BALISTIKAL. After finishing two degrees in the performing arts and spending time in the “diversity and inclusion” field of the U.S. American Theatre, they founded Advancing Arts Forward, a movement to advance equity, inclusion, and justice through the arts by creating liberated spaces that uplift, heal, and encourage us to change the world. Advancing Arts Forward hosts and consults for in person and online workshops, university classes, gatherings, discussions, and resource sharings across the country and worldwide. Yura Sapi is also the founder of BALISTIKAL, a healing and arts space that serves LGBTIQ+ community in so-called Latin America centering Black, Native, Venezuelan migrant, Trans, non-binary, and other more marginalized members of the community. As a citizen of Ecuador, Colombia, and the United States, they actively consider their role in the fight for liberation beyond the U.S. borders thinking specifically about anti-racism, decolonization, and collective liberation. They are a member of the Latinx Theatre Commons steering committee working on initiatives that address internal colorism and celebrate Blackness & Indigeniety within the Latinx community. Yura Sapi is currently developing transformative justice based processes for students of color affected by racism and white supremacy with BU’s (SARSI) SOT Anti-Racist Student Initiative. Yura Sapi hosts a podcast on HowlRound Theatre Commons called Building Our Own Tables interviewing Black, Native, Asian and other founders of color to discuss ways to not replicate the same white supremacy culture we wanted to get away from. They teach Managing in Arts Environments at CUNY Baruch College and hold a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University and an MFA in Performing Arts Management from CUNY Brooklyn College. They are a proud 2018 alum of ArtEquity’s National Facilitator Training and a cycle IV fellow of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute’s Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship. | |