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Participant Feedback:


"This session has helped me hone in on my mission and goals and giving myself solid deadlines for achieving each goal. I'm so grateful to have worked through this in the environment I did and with the people surrounding me who have similar values. What a great place to share my project while also digging deep into how to move forward with it."


"This is a few weeks in now, so I've already taken several steps because I was so motivated from the workshop. I immediately started creating my own blueprint with tasks to achieve specific goals for my career and sideline career. I attended a workshop at the Actors Fund, I applied for a free training program with the NYC Parks dept. I reached out to colleagues to begin a mastermind group and set up an accountability partner. I called mentors and a coach to ask for advice in their areas of expertise. I finally started working on my vision boards."


"The specificity of the exercises allowed me to quickly, deeply access areas I needed to focus on and consider. I was able to identify areas where I was stuck, areas where I'm weak and areas of strength. I came out of it with a blueprint for actionable steps. It was the catalyst I needed!"


"The structured format with tight scheduling is ideal for me. As an artist, I lack structured work time. This reminded me of participating in a well managed corporate training session, but with an artistic lean. I love that we begin with boundaries as a part of the intros and set up the framework for inclusion and respecting others. I also love the supportive format of a group - sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences deepens my own participation and experience. I appreciate the specific handouts that I can use and continue to reference."


"I liked the meditation at the beginning of the workshop and the moments to let go during the workshop session itself. The information that stuck with me was the seeing the contrast between what I was doing now and what I wanted to add to my well-being..."


"Time was held gently, it felt like the "right" amount of content. I appreciated the time for self reflection balanced with time to share with others."


"I really appreciated that [they] gave space for us to think and answer. I didn't feel rushed or compelled to speak on a timeline."

“Speaking openly about my thoughts and feelings in the breakout room.”


“I liked the follow-up and accountability that was posed when filling out the sections of the worksheet. For example, when you talked about well-being in your home life, I was able to imagine a peaceful place and that is where I want to be in the near future.”





About the Founder

Yura Sapi (they/elle) is a biracial native (Kichwa) and white Ecuadorian, Colombian and U.S. American non-binary interdisciplinary artist, activist, arts manager, educator, facilitator, and founder of Advancing Arts Forward. Yura Sapi hosts and consults for in person and online workshops, university classes, gatherings, discussions, and resource sharings across the country and worldwide.